Hannah Merley
LSWAIC, MSW, MS Prevention Science

I’m an associate licensed clinical EMDR therapist who specializes in helping teenagers and adults improve their quality of life by healing big and small traumas. As undesirable symptoms (e.g., depression; anxiety; and numbing behaviors such as isolation, avoidance, and addiction) are often the result of unprocessed trauma, healing the pain can change your life for the better.

We will work together to set treatment goals and address what is bothering you the most. I can help you develop awareness of thoughts and feelings, process completely through trauma, improve your self-esteem, utilize symptom management techniques, safety plan, recognize when you are safe, and build strong relationship and communication skills.

I believe that if everyone’s emotional scars were healed, we would live in a greatly improved world. Thus, I strive to make evidence-based adolescent and adult psychotherapy accessible to the people who need it the most; I offer a sliding scale, am willing to discuss/accommodate even more severe financial hardship situations, and I'm available on weekends.

Education and Experience

We are currently accepting clients via TeleHealth with weekend availability. Click HERE to schedule a free consultation and/or initial assessment.

Call (360) 726-3785

Email: hannah.merley@evidencebasedtherapypllc.com

Please contact us if you are experiencing financial hardship and require additional pricing options. We will work to accommodate you.